MSS in Sociology

Be a Sociologist

We are currently offering BSS (Honors) in Sociology and MSS in Sociology under Department of Sociology, FCUB

Admission Requirements for MSS in Sociology:

  • SSC/Equivalent
  • HSC/Diploma/Equivalent
  • Graduation from any discipline

Required Documents:

  • 3 set photocopy of SSC Certificate and Transcript
  • 3 set photocopy of HSC/Diploma Certificate and Transcript
  • 3 set photocopy of Graduation Certificate and Transcript (for MSS)
  • 5 copy Passport Size Photo
  • 3 copy Stamp Size Photo

**For the MSS (1-year) in Sociology a student must have BSS (Hon’s) in Sociology.

**For the MSS (2-years) in Sociology a student must have Bachelor’s Degree (pass) or Equivalent.

Course Duration & Fees: 

Programs Name



Program fees









Course Curriculum for Master of Social Science in Sociology- 1 Year (Total-36 Credits)


  • 1st Semester (18 Credits)

SOC-501         Advanced Sociological Theory

SOC-502         Political Sociology

SOC-503         Industrial Sociology

SOC-504         Childhood, Adolescence and Child Rights

SOC-505         Labor and labor Movements

SOC-506         Social Gerontology

  • 2nd Semester (18 Credits)

SOC-507         Sociology of Capitalism and Socialism

SOC-508         Population Politics and Developments

SOC-509         Sociology of Human Rights and Social Justice

SOC-510         Issues and Problems of Development in South Asia

SOC-511         Sociology of Globalization

SOC-512         Viva-Voce

Course Curriculum for Master of Social Science in Sociology- 2 Years (Total-60 Credits)


  • 1st Semester (15 Credits)

SOC- 520        Introduction to Sociology

SOC- 521        Marriage, Family and kinship

SOC- 522        Social Structure of Bangladesh

SOC- 523        Social Anthropology

SOC- 524        Sociology of Religion

  • 2nd Semester (15 Credits)

SOC- 525        Sociology of Globalization

SOC- 526        Social Control

SOC- 527        Sociology of Development

SOC- 528        Gender and Society

SOC- 529        Medical Sociology


  • 3rd Semester (15 Credits)

SOC- 530        Research Methodology

SOC- 531        Political Sociology

SOC- 532        Social Problems & Issues

SOC- 533        Classical Sociological Theory

SOC- 534        Industrial Sociology

  • 4th Semester (15 Credits)

SOC- 535        Advanced Sociological Theory

SOC- 536        Rural Sociology

SOC- 537        Social Change

SOC- 538        Sociology of capitalism and Socialism

SOC- 539        Research monograph and  Viva voce